Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gay Republicans hate gays

Now with this title I would belive that the wording is
a- outragouse. Republicans are not gay
b- Hypocrasy. How can one hate what they are?
c- A possible lack of words and there for an eye catching title that would be cool to post.

Well this post is bolth b and c. Not A. We found this out with Folley. You know the pedophile in charge of the child protection group. You know the group that moniters pedophiles on the internet. Well now this issue comes to light with the actions of Senator Larry Craig.
I will not go on about what he did but here is the cnn link.

well this raises the question- How come the Republican party is so against same sex marrige of any kind and be ran by a bunch of hidden gays. It makes no sense. If it was any other offense besides this i doubt he would make any decistion to resing. I meen directly after this issue surfaced fellow republicans began to denounce him. This also raises the question- Is it the fact that he solicited sex that is wrong or the fact that he is gay? Should this issue be a topic on the senate floor besides the fact he committed an illegal lewd act? How can one denounce some one for who they prefer to have intercourse with and not on what they say and do. I could see going at him at the angle that he is in fact a hypocrit. Not the fact that he is gay. Just a few questions.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Lost a little RESPECT for ya Hillary....

I used to realy respect the lady greatly. She represented the libralism of America but today americas true lady has lost a little of my respect. I remember watching this beutifull kind hearted lady dance whith my little 2 year old cuz in a macs while he was in visiting from london. No cameras no press just a very nice lady dancing with a cute little english child. But what heppend hillary? How could you stoop so low? Today on 702 WOR AM radio in NEW York on Shawn Hency's talk show was talking about and even congragulating Hillarys camp in uncovering or maybe accusing Barak Obama potential Presidential candidate of being muslim. How odes this have anything to do with politics? I meen read his books, i meen the man actully wrote his own books! The man is the 5th african American and only currently serving senator and should be our next president and Hillary just landed a low blow to beat him to it and be the first woman in office! In no way am I saying that I wouldn't mind Hillary (well that was before this) to be the 1st woman president. But now i would like some one stronger than her to represent the woman and be the 1st. By the way until i hear otherwise "Obama and his wife, Michelle, married in 1992 and live on Chicago ’s South Side where they attend Trinity United Church of Christ." if it realy does mean that much to you simpletones. And one more thing " moved to Chicago in 1985 to work for a church-based group seeking to improve living conditions in poor neighborhoods plagued with crime and high unemployment. "
Lets look at the mans resume and actully judge him-

Harvard Law grad

1st african American to become President of Hravard law Reveiw

Named one of "the worlds most influential people " by Timelisting him among 20 "leaders and revolutionaries"

British Journal New Statesman named him one of "10 people who could change the world"

During his first two years in the Senate, Obama received Honorary Doctorates of Law from Knox College, University of Massachusetts Boston, Northwestern University, and Xavier University of Louisiana. He is a member of the following Senate committees: Foreign Relations Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Veterans' Affairs.

wrote Dreams from My Father, a memoir of his youth and early career The audio book edition earned Obama the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album

wrote The Audacity of Hope which discusses his political convictions

Beat that Hillary

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

UK big brother contestant

Bollywood yesterday whent into almost riot over racism in big Brother. An indian contestant was being called racail slurs and humiliating names such as a dog, or simply calling her the indian. What is most suprising to me is that none of this racism was edited out before the episodes aired. I as does the rest of bollywood and hopefully minorities such as myself should feel angered that the channel actully whent ahead and aired the uncut scenes. The act in airing the episode as is almost says the station condones or is ignorant of what happens. Charles Dunstone, the chief executive of Carphone Warehouse, the company which owns the show, stated that the firm is in no way for racism. What is most disturbing is how ignorant the other contestants where to say such things as " Do you live in a house or a shack?", "that Indians were thin because they were always ill as a result of undercooking food.". Could this be attributed to the way indians as a whole are showed in the mainstream media. Where the only image the public in general see's the poor side. Where in shows like the amazing race all that is seen is what we in the US call Ghetto's. While the country may not be the richest of all countries I as can others testify that all of the country is not poor and most of the country is literate. In fact 50 to 69% is literate. In fact Indias economy is among the fastest in the world at a growth rate of 9.2% GPD. ( refrenced from Wikipedia)
article in,,3-2551921,00.html

religion and politics

If we live in a country of the free which i assume includes the right to freedom of religion than why can't we practice these ideas. Why do other countries deny these rights and use their religouse veiws to hinder others natrual rights.

Same-sex marrige

and why are some schools required to teach

intelligent design

what aboute in other countries

right now the UK allows same sex marrige persay. It condones it but does not offer it in that if it happens it is not void.
Same for New Zealand, and isreal
These countries provide it
South Africa
And Netherlands

Just a question

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Before I rant.....

Well Evan what are you then? Many of you people may probably be wandering (or not...but thats cool too. But i'm gonna go ahead with the notion you are anyway) this. Some may already have an idea of what i might be. Well in no way am i an atheist. Let me describe my faith before I place my theory and reasoning. To break it down I would be classified as things.

Empirical- The idea in that like science every beleif system is a theory. A theoy is good as long as there is some sort of reasoning. So basicly what this say about me is that i acknowledge and respect beleifs. Beliefs in fact are good. But beliving in something already proven wrong....well thats just wrong.

Agnostic- The word literaly means without knowledge or becouse it was actully a greek word and actully translates into unknowable this definitly classifies me. Let it be known i hate to classify people into groups. Any how my theorys are exactly just that. Theorys. (I am there for some what against religion. Well not some what.....more along the lines of VERY against. I find it evil. ) Beliefs are theorys and religions are groups of people who share a common beleif but follow mainly men in funny little garments and silly hats. They all follow a theory and many times their leadership under "divine influence" becomes misconstrued.

Rationalist Movement- I'll let wikipedia explain this one "The modern Rationalist movement is a philosophical doctrine that asserts that the truth can best be discovered by reason and factual analysis, rather than faith, dogma or religious teaching. Its original roots extend at least as far back as Plato. The rationalist movement has some similarities in ideology and intent to secular humanism, in that it aims to provide a framework for social and philosophical discourse outside of religious or supernatural beliefs; it also bears philosophical similarities to atheism; however, rationalism differs from both of these in that:
As its name suggests, secular humanism is centered on the dignity and worth of people. While rationalism is a key component of secular humanism, there is also a strong ethical component in humanism that rationalism does not extend into. As a result, being a rationalist does not necessarily mean being a humanist.
Atheism, a disbelief or lack of belief in a God, can be on any basis, or none at all, so it doesn't require rationalism. Furthermore, rationalism does not, in itself, affirm or deny atheism, although it does reject any belief based on faith alone. Modern-day rationalism is strongly correlated with atheism, although historically this was not so. Most—if not all—prominent rationalists today, including scientists such as Richard Dawkins and activists such as Sanal Edamaruku are atheists.
Outside of religious discussion, the discipline of rationalism may be applied more generally, for example to political or social issues. In these cases it is the rejection of emotion, tradition or fashionable belief which is the defining feature of the rationalist perspective." Thank you wikipedia.

Well... I shoul soon have a post explaining my first theory. Till then.

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Friday, January 5, 2007

A introduction to me

OOO joy is heard by the congregation at the finding of an un-beliver in their crowd. OOO joy is heard when some one dares to think outside of the box. Beware radical christians ( and those of any other religion) i will not do anything but steadfastly criticise your belief. Beware simple minded simple people I don't mind thinking large.
Mind you all i will not just talk about just secular things. What about George Bush? That is always a fun topic. I am dedicated in the pursuit of seeking the truth in an laid back open minded way.